"Technology Enhanced" Assessments

Like our Problem-Based scenarios, any top tier assessment will require students to demonstrate three skills when answering a question.  Students must:

1)  Absorb all information provided to them

2)  Filter through the information to sort out relevant and irrelevant details

3)  Generate responses in a variety of formats


 All too often, student responses have been limited to multiple-choice answers.  However, in addition to working with information (steps one and two above), it is important for students to be able to demonstrate their knowledge in a wider variety of ways.  Our "technology enhanced" assessments enable students to:

1) Drag-and-drop objects to correct locations
2) Highlight words and sentences
3) Re-order objects and text elements
4) Choose from answers on dropdown menus within the text
5) Select multiple answers at the same time
6) Graph lines on a grid
7) Enter short answers and constructed responses
8) Answer questions using a simulated calculator


We have "Technology Enhanced" Exams for Math and Language Arts (3rd through 8th grades)