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 The PBL Project:

Integrated Scenarios
incorporates all four core-subject areas


Our Problem Based Resource:

1) Provides a variety of Integrated Problem Scenarios based on real-life situations that are engaging to students

2) Approaches each problem from multiple points of view across all core subject areas

3) Provides a range of stimulus items appropriate to the problem (articles, videos, infographics, statistics, etc.)

4) Includes leading questions for classroom discussion to help students further explore the topic

5) Guides students through the “information-gathering” process

6) Gives students an online platform to enter responses (proposals, arguments, presentations, etc.)

7) Enables teachers to view, grade, and analyze student responses

8) Gives teachers the ability to create their own Problem-Based scenarios, including the uploading of all resources and assigning of student responses

9) Includes Problem-Based “Weekly Warm-ups” based on current events and engaging topics

10)  Features pre-made tests for Math and ELA, complete with "technology enhanced" items

PBL "Professional Development Portal"

"Weekly Warm-ups"
PBL scenarios based on current events
Learn More and Review Samples     Learn More and Review Samples



Critical and Creative
Thinking Exercises
Hundreds of exercises to promote PBL Thinking
     "Technology Enhanced"
pre-made tests for math and Language Arts
Learn More and Review Samples     Learn More and Review Samples


Watch a 2-minute video on the PBL Project website



Do not let the terms and acronyms confuse you:

The terms are different—
the foundations are the same

  Do not get lost in the acronyms—
Problem-Based Learning is for everyone

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